Bridal Brunch!


Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun filled weekend! 

The highlight of my weekend was the bridal brunch Walter’s aunt and cousin threw for me on Saturday! It was so much fun to get together with friends and family to celebrate our upcoming wedding one more time. I feel so loved and honored that so many people have been able to share in all the pre-wedding celebrations! 

We had cute finger foods like shrimp and tuna salad sandwiches, fruit skewers, candied bacon and deviled eggs, while sipping on mimosas. For dessert we had Georgetown Cupcakes, assorted pastries and these really cute donut engagement rings: 


So Festive!  

Aside from eating and opening so many thoughtful gifts, we also played 2 fun games. The first was guessing how many corks were in this glass container:


I seem to have a weird (useless) talent for these guessing games, there were 111 corks in the jar and I guessed 112 – WINNER WINNER 🙂 

We also played a game where everyone takes an envelope that says “Who has the Groom?”. Inside each envelop was a different male celebrity in a tuxedo and then in one lucky winners envelope there was a Walter: 


My friend Maggie was the winner, but luckily she let me keep him and take him home 🙂 He’s looking pretty snazzy in that tux! 

It was a fun filled afternoon! Thanks to everyone who made it a special day! 




How was your weekend? Do anything fun!? 

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