Fall Running & PAINCAKES!


Fall is the best time of the year for a runner. And if you live in the DC area or anywhere on the East Coast really you will probably agree that this particular fall has been extra wonderful. There has been little rain and temperatures have remained pretty mild. Just this past weekend I wore shorts out on my run! 


Now that Layla is full grown she has been able to join me on many long fall runs. Last fall she was too tiny to run far and over the summer it was just too hot to run her farther than 5-6 miles. Having my little running partner as a companion on longer runs has made this fall running season extra special. 

I also love fall running apparel.  On most fall days I can wear running tights and a t-shirt or shorts and a long-sleeve and be totally comfortable. No fumbling with gloves, hats, hand warmers and all the other necessities of winter running!


Forgetting the wonderful temperatures lets talk about how beautiful fall runs are! Especially on the quiet trails or out in the woods the fall foliage is a wonderful distraction making the miles tick by. 


In comfortable temperatures we can push it farther and faster than other parts of the year. I fall back in love with running in the Fall so hard that I can push through the rest of the year just to make it back for another Fall. 

And, maybe this is coincidence, but I have never suffered a serious running injury during the fall. I have no real explanation for this other than that I think the harsh winter temperatures without proper warm-up and cool down have led to some of my injuries in the past. BUT with the help of PAINCAKES I am predicting an injury-free winter of running ahead! 


PAINCAKES are new and innovative cold packs that stick! They are the only reusable cold pack I have seen that works this way. The best comparison I can make to the technology is that of a sticky bra. The cold pack is sticky on the back and protected by a cover that you replace after every use. As long as you are careful with replacing the cover and only placing the PAINCAKE on clean, dry skin it should not lose it’s stickiness. Their ability to stick is the number 1 thing that makes them so great. You stick it on wherever you are experiencing pain, go about your business and it won’t fall off! My only caution is because they are so sticky I would avoid using them on sensitive skin.


Prior to PAINCAKES entering my life I would neglect maintenance icing, but now it is easy. About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with a severe case of runner’s knee in my right knee. For years prior I had worn a running brace on my knee and would run through the pain until one day I could barely walk… I was overcompensating so much with my left leg that I had caused a stress fracture in my left foot. After taking an extended break from running to heal my injuries it thankfully has not returned, but both of my knees flare up especially after a long run. Since I received my PAINCAKE I have been icing each knee for 10-15 minutes a day and they have never felt better!


PAINCAKES will hug to any part of your body where you are feeling pain. I have only used it on my legs since I’m not experiencing pain elsewhere, but it would work on your back, biceps, shoulder, you name it! As a former competitive swimmer I think these would be life changing for anyone suffering from a shoulder injury. No more awkward bags of ice sagging from your shoulder or dripping down your back! 


For me, icing will no longer be an activity, putting on my PAINCAKES is as easy as putting on pants 🙂 PAINCAKES launched earlier this week on Zullily! If you are interested you can purchase them here and try them for yourself! 


This post is a collaboration with PAINCAKES. All opinions are my own. 



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