Friday Favorite: Buddy Pouch!

Another Friday, another favorite! 

When I started running with Layla I realized that I had my hands full, literally. I run with my phone and keys, which was ok before – some of my running clothes have pockets or I could manage holding the keys around my finger and my phone in my hand. But, now when I run with Layla I also have her leash. I knew I needed something so I looked on Amazon for a solution. 

I found the BuddyPouch and it has completely simplified my running life! I wear it all the time, even when I am running on my own and not with Layla. I have the Running Buddy XL “Buddy Pouch 6+” It fits my iPhone 6 and has plenty of room for keys, gloves, credit card, etc… All the convinces of a fanny pack 🙂 




It attaches at your waist in either the front or back with powerful magnets. I like to wear it in the front so I can access my phone. The magnets hold it perfectly in place even with all the commotion of running. It works with pants or shorts so you can use it year round. It has 3 pockets and it is water resistant! 


Not only is it great for running, but it’s great for hikes and I plan to use it when we travel! 

Enjoy the weekend! 







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