Throwback Thursday – Engagement!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you are enjoying the last day of 2015!

I am happy to introduce a new blog series today – Throwback Thursday! In this series I will be throwing it back to some events over the past few years that are important to my story and therefore this blog!

Today marks 100 days until our wedding – I CANNOT believe it! We will be getting married on April 9th, which, this year, since it is a leap year, happens to be the 100th day of the year! Pretty cool, unplanned, fun fact about out wedding day 🙂 … I originally wanted to get married on 6-11-16 because it is a palindrome (it reads the same forwards and backwards), but due to many factors we ended up choosing 4-9-16 instead. It being the 100th day of the year totally makes up for the lack of palindrome thing, hehe 🙂

Walter proposed on Christmas morning last year.We were up in CT celebrating with my family, as we were this year. He asked my dad’s permission to marry me in late November. With my dad’s blessing he sent my family a very sweet email outlining his plan for the proposal on Christmas morning. He chose Christmas for a number of reasons, but one very special reason was that my parents also got engaged on Christmas morning 🙂

We always open our stockings first and they are my favorite part of Christmas morning. I usually go last and last year was no different. I dumped out my stocking and opened all the gifts. What I did not notice was that a small piece of tissue paper fell out of the very bottom. Unbeknownst to me, everyone else was freaking out internally because I did not see it. Walter jumped up and grabbed the tissue paper that they ring was wrapped, got down on one knee and then I couldn’t tell you want happened – I blacked out. I remember getting really sweaty and hugging and kissing him, my family said I was crying, but I don’t remember that… I guess at some point I must have said “yes” because he put the ring on my finger 🙂




(my attempt at an artsy Christmas engagement photo)

It was a really beautiful Christmas day – in the 50s and sunny. Later in the day once we were showered and dressed nicely my dad took a few engagement pictures in the backyard:




When the DC Cherry Blossoms were in bloom last spring, a friend of mine who is a photographer, took formal engagement photos of us. We used them on our wedding website and for our save the dates. Here are some of my favorites:













Side note… a good friend of mine recently got engaged and one of the first things she said to me was “why doesn’t anyone tell you that you will get super sweaty and overcome with emotion”… hehe, turns out I’m not the only one 🙂

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