Wedding Wednesday – Getting Ready Day Of!


All through the wedding planning process I would run all of the details of how the day would go through my head and now it was finally here! I remember fearing that I would be too nervous and excited to sleep at all the night before. Thankfully, I did actually sleep fairly well, going to sleep around midnight and waking up around 6am. When we got up, Abby (who had slept over the night before) and I sat talking with my mom until the other girls arrived around 8:30am. I felt surprisingly calm and was trying hard to remind myself to soak in every aspect of the day.

I was really excited about the getting ready part of the day, as most brides are. You get to be with your best friends while you all get pampered and pretty πŸ™‚ The girls showed up wearing the plaid button downs I had given them the night before and we headed over to the salon just before 9am for our hair appointments. All of us were getting our hair done and about 1/2 our makeup at Fringe Hair Works right around the corner from my parents house. The building was once a library and they have done a fabulous job renovating it. It is really beautiful on the inside, with big windows and fancy chandeliers. It’s a great place for bridal parties because it is large so they can handle large parties all at once. They also allow you to bring in breakfast and provide coffee, tea and mimosas. 


(Abby getting ready for her up-do!)

When we got there the girls gave me a scrapbook they had put together for me! Each of them had made a page with photos and memories of us. Some of the girls had also written me a note and tucked it into their page. Steph, my maid of honor, who was the leader of the project, also added some pages from my bachelorette party and from some of my other friends not in the wedding, but who were at the bachelorette. It was so thoughtful and meant so much to me that they took the time to put it together! I have plans to add a few more pages from the day-of and completing the album! It is something I will cherish and hold on to forever! 



Once we got back my mom had a delicious spread of fruit, quiche and granola waiting for us. We sat around enjoying the brunch and chatting. We went outside to snap a few pre-dress photos of our hair and make-up before the girls started to get into their dresses. When the girls were putting on their dresses I got into my robe since I was waiting for the photographer to arrive to put on my dress.



Meanwhile… around noon the photographer arrived at the 1820 House to take pictures of the guys. When we were at the 1820 House the day before, Pam, one of the woman that runs the inn, showed us this beautiful pond right behind the inn where the guys could take pictures the next day. We didn’t even know about it, but it made a perfect backdrop for their photos! 



Walter gave his groomsmen “Happy Socks” to wear on the wedding day. Happy Socks is a company that makes tons of fun, funky socks. They looked great! They also wore bowties that matched the bridesmaid’s dress color. 


We had not planned to get each other wedding gifts, but when we were in France in September Walter and I saw a watch that had “I Love You” written on the face of it in all different languages. He really liked it and I could not help but order it for him when we got back since it would make a perfect wedding gift!


Layla also got in on the picture taking action… this photo is totally worth the guys having to lint roll their tuxes to get the dog hair off before the ceremony πŸ˜‰


The photographer arrived at my parent’s house right around 1pm. The girls were all ready to go in their dresses and I was anxious to put on mine. The photographers took their time finding the right lighting and photographing all of the accessories! Then it was finally time for me to get into my dress! That is when time truly began to fly! 


My mom and the girls helped me get into my dress and put on all of my accessories! 



This part of the day was so much fun for me because everything was finally coming together. The girls were all dolled up and in their dresses, looking just as I had envisioned. And now I was finally putting the whole look together. 



Once I was all ready we headed outside to the backyard for group pictures. 



IMG_1960 IMG_1958


Up to this point in the day I had really just felt excited and a little overwhelmed by how quickly the day was passing by. I did not feel nearly as nervous as I was anticipating. But when we boarded the trolley for the church, that is when it really sunk in that this was about to happen and that is when my nervous kicked in. 

To be continued… 

(Most photos by Alissa Dinneen Photography


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