Wedding Wednesday – Groom’s Cake


Over the years my mom has made some really cool cakes! Unlike me, the things she bakes not only taste great they also look awesome! My baking skills end at taste. I am not a good decorator, so it is great to have her around! Here are a sampling of the cakes she has made over the years: 


Pumpkin Cake for Halloween!


Clown Cake for my Birthday (Age – 4?)


Barbie Cake for my Ballerina Birthday (Age – 5?)


Wizard of Oz Cake for my Birthday (Age 10?) 


Bunny Butt Cake for Easter 

Since she has this special talent, we figured why not somehow incorporate it into the wedding. So, we decided to make Walter a Groom’s Cake for the rehearsal dinner. Come to find out a lot of people do not even know what a Groom’s Cake is. So, in case you are one of those people… it is a special cake made specifically for the groom that represents something that they love. It is a nice way to incorporate a piece of the groom into the wedding celebration when a lot of the time it feels like (eh-hem, it is) all about the bride and what she likes/wants. We chose a football cake for Walter because he is a big football fan! Every Sunday during football season you can find him watching the games (unless I have dragged him out to do something else 😉 ). And my mom found this super cute football field tray for the football to be served on! 




(Hey! Where’s my cake?)  

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