Ele’s Dream Peanut Butter on Leema Eats!


Happy National Peanut Butter Day! 

I love peanuts in all forms, peanut butter, whole, roasted, raw, chopped, chocolate covered, the list goes on…  I have a strange obsession with frozen, shelled, roasted, unsalted peanuts. I usually keep a bag in the freezer to snack on, you can find peanut shells in pretty much every couch crevasse in our house šŸ™‚ 

In December of 2014 we had a holiday market at Nicecream where we invited local vendors to sell gifts and holiday foods, like popcorn, pies, soaps, chocolate. I decided that I wanted to sell something and the idea of Ele’s Dream Peanut Butter was born. I wanted to combine my love for peanut butter and my love for elephants into a product. Using Fiverr (an awesome website where graphic designers create things like labels and much, much more for anyone with an idea starting at just $5!) I worked with a graphic designer to bring my idea for “Ele” the Elephant to life! 


I produce all of the peanut butter at Nicecream because I am able to use it as a commercial kitchen. We also use it in our peanut butter ice cream flavors. One of the top sellers is this White Chocolate Peanut Butter: 


Last month I went to the Washington Post’s Ingenuity Summit, it was an eye-opening conference where millennial entrepreneurs came together with business leaders to discuss how the millennial generation is shaping and changing business, politics and culture. Part of the summit was a pitch contest where 10 early stage companies with millennial leadership pitched their ideas. Leema Eats (LEEMA – Let Everyone Eat My Art) was one of the companies competing. It is an online marketplace that allows small, culinary artisans the opportunity to sell and share their food creations online. You can think of them as basically the Etsy of food. When I heard their pitch I instantly fell in love with the idea and couldn’t help but think it would be a great place to sell Ele’s Dream. 

I contacted them and as of a few weeks ago the Ele’s Dream Peanut Butter shop is open on Leema Eats! I currently sell 2 flavors – Brown Sugar Cinnamon and White Chocolate. I am working on some other flavors and I am excited to grow with Leema Eats!


Brown Sugar Cinnamon  



White Chocolate

The Ingenuity Summit focused a lot on turning a cause into a company and having a socially responsible goal. So for every jar or Ele’s Dream Peanut Butter sold through Leema Eats, I will donate a portion of profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network Save The Elephants Program. The program focuses on researching crucial details on what land and resources elephants need to thrive, reducing conflict between humans and elephants and providing outreach to elephants around the world! 

I hope you will check out Leema Eats! It is a cool, new concept with lot of fantastic treats and great ideas for gourmet food gifts! 

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  1. Kelly Conrad said:

    I’m finally digging in to my wedding gift of your peanut butter and I am in heaven! Will definitely be buying some of this for work. Yumm!!!