Throwback Thursday – CT Bridal Shower

Good Afternoon! 

It’s Thursday, so I have another TBT for you today! This will be the last one in this series, I think, though I like to change my mind 🙂 

In mid-October my mom and my maid-of-honor, Steph, threw me a beautiful bridal shower up in CT. Generally, bridal showers are thrown within 2 months of the wedding, but since our wedding is at the beginning of April they didn’t want to risk cancelation or difficult travel due to winter weather (good thing it isn’t this weekend #blizzardwatch). Everyone seemed to like the idea of having the shower early, it helps to breaks up wedding activities and reduces stress, especially since many people (including myself) were traveling for the shower and will be for the wedding. 

The shower theme was “Fall in Love”. The tables were decorated with fall colored mums and sunflowers. A rustic “Fall in Love” banner was hung in front of the chairs where I sat to open gifts. We enjoyed wraps, fall salads and apple cider!


And my chair was decorated with a matching “Bride” banner. 


Steph organized a fun game of “how well do you know the bride”. Prior to the shower she asked Walter and I (separately) a list of questions that were mostly about me and our relationship. She then made a multiple choice “quiz” that she handed out to all the guests. They had to pick out either my answer or Walter’s answer. It was a lot of fun to see how both Walter and I answered the questions and what the majority of people guessed! It got everyone laughing and engaged, it was a great idea! 


The last gift I opened was my great grandmother’s washboard, it is a tradition on my dad’s side to pass it down to each girl in the family at their bridal shower. The tradition started when my aunts were getting married, all of them received it at their showers and so have my cousins who have gotten married so far (along with my aunt’s cousins and their children, so it has been passed down many, many times). It is a really special tradition that I was honored to be a part of. My aunts said they actually used the washboard occasionally with their grandmother which is pretty cool! I had completely forgotten about it, so it was a special surprise! 



My mom made this cake, it was delicious! And my Aunt decorated it! I think they could go into business 🙂 IMG_7770

My mom is very talented and made these amazing caramel apples and chocolate dipped biscotti as favors for everyone to take home! 



Most of my Bridesmaids!



My mom and Walter’s mom!


I was so honored to have so many friends and family travel from near and far to celebrate with me! Thanks again to you all! 



Layla made a lot of new friends that day 🙂 


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