Friday Frosting

Friday Frosting is a weekly catch-up post about happenings in my life and some of my favorite things!


Happy Friday Friends! How is it that Monday will be April already!? I’m not complaining, March is always the longest month, but it flew by this year! I also love that Easter is a little later this year, when Easter is early,  in late March, it feels like it throws off Spring. By the time Easter rolls around this year hopefully we’ll be in “Actual Spring”.



    1. @DCcitygirl posted the above about DC seasons and it made me crack up! What it does not take into account is the lengths of all those seasons, they are definitely not all equal. We can get from “Actual Spring” to “Hell’s Front Porch” pretty quickly around here!
    2. I’m working on improving and growing my Pinterest account, I added some fun new boards this week, like this Taco Board and this Cake Board.
    3. I can’t remember who, but someone posted about Mancala on Instagram Stories earlier this week, have you even played? I was a huge fan of the game growing up, my board is probably still at my parents house, might need to dig it up!
    4. I gave up sweets for lent, so instead I just drool over cupcakes on the internet 🙂 How fun would these be for Summer!?
    5. Pad See Ew is one of my favorite Thai dishes, but I’ve never tried making it at home, I’m going to try out this recipe soon!
    6. These Spicy Shrimp Sushi Stacks are calling my name!
    7. I can’t stop with the jumpsuits… I couldn’t resist this one from from Target, it’s just so cute for Spring and I love the color!
    8. I have the IPhone XR, it’s very similar to the IPhone X except that it is cheaper and has one major drawback – it only recognizes humans on portrait mode. I know what you’re thinking, “who cares?”… but I care because, Layla! But I figured out this week if I hold my phone at a certain angle pretty close to her face my phone thinks she’s human!!! It made my day 🙂

“The weekend is coming, I can taste it!” – xoxo, Layla


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