Friday Frosting

Friday Frosting is a catch-up post about happenings in my life and some of my favorite things!

(pictured above – A few Christmases ago, Aunt Carol knit everyone a pair of mittens – she was an avid knitter 🙂 ) 

I’m checking in with some sad news today. Earlier this we lost my Aunt Carol, she was my Dad’s oldest sister and a big part of our family. She was a mother figure to her younger siblings after their mother passed away at a young age, a no-nonsense woman with a heart of gold. She was not only my Aunt, but also my high school nurse! Though I was not a trouble maker in high school, she always offered to write me passes if I was late for school or found myself in need of an excuse to get out of class, haha! We spent countless hours visiting with her and my Uncle Bing when I was growing up and she always had a funny story to tell about nursing or her childhood. I will treasure those memories always and she will be greatly missed by all who knew her.


Now in keeping with your regularly scheduled Friday Frosting… First of all, Happy February! How did that happen?!

As I mentioned last week, Walter and I did get to Rose’s Luxury on Wednesday night for dinner and it did not disappoint! We have been there once before, but I had a really bad cold and could not taste the food well. I still loved the vibe of the restaurant, but I couldn’t be a great judge of the food given my impaired tastebuds. This time I was tasting fine and it was SO good! I loved the vibe even more, it’s very laid back with an open kitchen and where we sat in the back of the restaurant it is designed to feel like you are outside on a patio. Nothing beats “outdoor” dining when it’s 10 degrees out! As for the food, everything we tried, which was almost everything on the menu, haha, was amazing!

(If you ever find yourself at Rose’s you have to try their signature Lychee Salad (pictured below). It’s unlike anything I’ve had before and I’m going to be craving it often!)

  1. Did you see the Honey Apricot Glazed Drumsticks I posted on Tuesday? They are a perfect Super Bowl snack! You cook them first in the Instant Pot and then finish them off under the broiler.
  2. Speaking of Instant Pots, the one I have is currently ON SALE! At under $80, it’s the cheapest I’ve seen it since I got it on Black Friday!
  3. My friend Molly posted the most insane Bloody Mary’s this week! They are garnished with LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE GRILLED CHEESES! WHAT?! You have to check them out!
  4.  I’ve been craving all the lemon things lately and this Lemon Pasta looks delicious!
  5. We watched Fyre on Netflix about the Fyre Festival – the greatest festival that never happened. It was really interesting and also made me feel like I live under a rock because I never heard anything about it when it was happening in real time, haha.
  6. This is the cake of my dreams… The ULTIMATE Peanut Butter Cake 
  7. Carson Daly was cracking me up this week when he quit J. Lo’s 10- Day No Carb No Sugar Challenge 6 hours in!
  8. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Instagram about what light I use for my food photos. I use only natural light (though I did experiment with artificial light in the past, I haven’t used it in at least a year) and generally side-light my photos similar to the set up pictured below. We actually don’t have a ton of natural light in our house because we live in a town house, but this one window works well for me!

Hey Layla, you’re in my good light! 

Have a great weekend 🙂

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