Friday Frosting

Friday Frosting is a catch-up post about happenings in my life and some of my favorite things!

(shot for Arepa Zone)

Happy Valentine’s Day Week! Walter brought me home roses and I cooked us a delicious steak dinner. Going out on Valentine’s Day can be fun, but it can also be overwhelming, especially in the middle of the week, so we kept it pretty low-key this year!

Another reason we stayed in for Valentine’s Day was because we checked another restaurant off my DC restaurant bucket list last weekend. We went to Little Serow (pictured below) which is a hole-in-the-wall Northern Thai inspired restaurant with a set menu and a lot of rules! First off, they don’t take reservations, you cannot call ahead and the restaurant only seats about 24 people – so if you want to get in you must wait in line.

We got there 45 minutes before they opened (the temperature was in the 30s, so we figured the line wouldn’t be THAT long, WRONG!) and we didn’t get in for the first seating. Once they open, if you don’t get to sit down, they take your name for future seatings that night. We decided this is brilliant marketing because there is a line of people clogging the street right outside their restaurant every night. And when people see other people waiting in line they NEED to know what is going on and what they are missing out on. The restaurant doesn’t even have a sign, but they are full every night – it’s genius, but also a bit annoying 🙂

Once you do sit down for dinner the menu is set with no substitutions. It’s a 6 course, pre-fixe meal for $54/person (pretty cheap for the DC food scene) and pretty much everything is spicy! If you are an adventurous eater, don’t mind waiting in lines and are looking for a truly unique dining experience it’s totally for you and you should check it out! I’m really glad we waited, we loved the dining experience and enjoyed the food, but we wouldn’t rush back – checked off the list!

  1. I made this creamed spinach with our steaks last night and it was so good! It has a little bit of nutmeg in it which gave it the best flavor!
  2. I am expanded my freelance food photography business! I am now shooting for restaurants in the DC area. I just finished my new portfolio, you can check it out here!
  3. I did a shoot with Arepa Zone last week at their Union Market location. They are the only Venezuelan restaurant in DC. They started out as a food truck and now have 2 DC locations. Their food is really unique and super delicious, you should check them out!
  4. Did you see these cookies I posted yesterday! Last night for dessert I took 2 dough balls out of the freezer and baked them for us. We ate them with ice cream on top. Warm Cookie + Ice Cream = Heaven.
  5. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls that are healthy!? Yes, please!
  6. I just started contributing to a blog that is all aboutEasy Chicken Recipes. This week my first recipe went live on the site for Sheet Pan Orange Honey Chicken Thighs!
  7. Am I late to the party or is this NEW?! Joanna Gaines has a line at Anthropology now!? As if I needed more things to add to my home decor wish list… AND she’s going to make wallpaper cool again!
  8. Fried pickles are my favorite!

Happy Weekending!

(our lil’ princess) 


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