Throwback Thursday – Pond Skimming 2007


In honor of our big 1/2 Ironman adventure coming up this weekend, here is a throwback to arguably our most exciting adventure to date – Pond Skimming 2007! 

My friend, Heather (pictured above with the frog tube), and I have been friends since elementary school, we grew up in the same town, but never went to school together because we lived in different school districts (Hall vs. Conard). We met through our town’s summer swim league and then later did gymnastics together. Come high school we no longer had any shared activities, but we remained friends. At least twice a year I would go up to Heather’s family’s lake house in Washington, NH – once in the summer and once in the winter. We always had so much fun and usually turned it into some sort of adventure!

The mountain closest to her parent’s NH house is Mount Sunapee and every year in late March they have a pond skimming competition. Near the bottom of one of the main trails they build up a large pile of snow and at the bottom they build a pit which they fill with water. The goal of the contest is to skim across the small pond on your skis (or snowboard) without falling in! The water is, obviously, COLD which is extra motivation not to fall in! When we were seniors in high school we decided it was our time to tackle the pond skimming competition… 




And to our astonishment we both made it across dry with all accessories fully intact πŸ™‚ (Our mom’s were very nervous we were going to lose our bikini tops, hehe). We actually even won an award for best costumes! Now, nearly 10 years later, let’s all pray that our 1/2 Ironman is even 1/2 as successful as our Pond Skimming adventure πŸ™‚ 

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