Wedding Wednesday – Bridal Accesories!


Wedding Wednesday is back! We got our photos back from the AMAZING Alissa Dinneen over the weekend! It has been just over a month since the wedding, so it was so much fun to reminisce and relive the day through photos! I loved seeing the photos taken of the guys getting ready before hand since I obviously wasn’t there and it is always fun to see the reception photos of everyone having a great time! 

This post is all about my bridal accessories! Enjoy! 

Shoes – I bought my shoes within 3 weeks of getting engaged, which was actually very helpful when wedding dress shopping. I personally think it is silly to spend tons of money on wedding shoes because people really don’t see them and if you are like me they won’t last on your feet for long! (I changed into flip flops before the reception even started 🙂 ). I found my shoes, Badgley Mischka’s Blossom Evening Pumps, on sale at Nordstrom for $89 marked down from $200.



Veil – My veil was my something borrowed 🙂 It was actually my mom’s veil! It was in amazing shape when she took it out of storage, just a bit yellowed. After having it cleaned it looked brand new! It was so special to me to be able to wear my mom’s veil. My parent’s marriage is one of the strongest examples in me and Walter’s life, so it meant a lot to be able to tie a piece of their wedding day in with ours!

IMG_3221(My beautiful mom on their wedding day!)



Flower in My Hair – I love having flowers in my hair, so I was pretty set on having one in my hair on our wedding day. I ended up switching the flower last minute and buying one on sale from Mariella’s because the one we had originally planned on did not match well to the dress. My plan was to wear only the veil for the ceremony and then switch to the flower for the reception. But on the morning of the wedding I realized I really wanted to keep the flower in all day and make it work with the veil. My wonderfully talented hair stylist was able to figure out a place low in my curly bun to put the veil so that it would hang below the flower. I am so grateful he made it work because it was one of my favorite accessories!



Earrings – Since I was having the flower in my hair, I wanted to go simple and classic for my jewelry. I opted for only earrings and stuck to simple, large pearl studs.




Sash – My mom is amazingly talented with everything crafty. When we were dress shopping we quickly realized that they gouge you on the accessories. All of the sashes I tired on at the bridal salon were 100’s of dollars. This seemed completely unreasonable to us. So, my mom decided she was going to try to make one. Well, she ended up making many more than 1 because I could not make up my mind. Ultimately, I decided on the thin, sparkly sash that I wore because it was the most flattering. The stoned part is actually part of a headband from Francesca’s (a woman’s clothing boutique) that my mom sewed onto a champagne colored ribbon. If you are a bride-to-be and are looking for a sash let me know! We have quite a few options to choose from or I’m sure my mom would happily design one for you – she’s having wedding craft withdrawal 🙂




Nails – I love French manicures and always figured I would have one for my wedding. However, as the wedding got closer I really wanted to tie a fun, sparkly component into my look. Since everything else was pretty classic I thought that my sparkly nails would add a little more of my personality. I showed the woman at the nail salon a picture of what I wanted from Pinterest and to my pleasant surprise she was able to recreate the look perfectly! My make-up artist also added a little glitter to my eye shadow to try to tie in the sparkly – fun, Fun, FUN! 



Lastly, I wanted to mention my Bridesmaid’s necklaces. The inspiration for the Bridesmaid’s look came from this photo I found on Pinterest from 



I think with the necklace’s were the prefect accent to the dresses and we got pretty darn close to matching the look above #pinterestwin ! They were part of the girl’s “thank you for being my bridesmaid” gifts and I got them from Francesca’s (I’m kind of obsessed with Francesca’s if you hadn’t figured that out yet 😉 )!  You can see some more wedding photos here on the Alissa Dinneen Photography Blog!


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  1. Desiree Anderson said:

    AHHH I love this! I had no idea about the bridesmaid Pinterest inspiration – you got it perfectly!! I expect lots of help in the veil & hair accessories department please ????