Wedding Wednesday – DIY Favors


(photo by Alissa Dinneen Photography)

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today I am filling you in on our DIY favors!

In my opinion, if a favor is not edible, it is not necessary. Unless you can eat it, guests don’t seem to want it. People have too many knick-knacks of their own lying around their houses, they certainly don’t need one with your wedding date printed on it. Guests will either forget them accidentally-on-purpose or take them to be polite and then throw them out. Knowing this, I decided that our favors were either going to be something delicious and homemade or we weren’t going to have them at all.

My Mom first experimented with these bride and groom cookies, but they were incredibly time consuming and it would have been difficult to make identical batches.


She then had the great idea to try out bride/groom chocolate dipped pretzels: 


How cute are these?!


These seemed a lot more manageable, since the pretzels are all uniform in shape and size. However, they were still very time consuming. I owe a huge thank you to my Mom, Aunt Maryjane and Aunt Robyn who spent hours dipping and decorating these pretzels the week before the wedding. For the groom, you first dip the pretzel in white chocolate, let it dry, dip it in dark chocolate so it looks like a suit jacket, then you have to decorate each by hand with 3 buttons and a bow tie! The brides are much easier because you just have to dip them once in white chocolate and then sprinkle them with some sort of fun white or gold sprinkle. They turned out super cute and were a special treat for guests to enjoy! 


I also wanted to incorporate my homemade peanut butter into the favors, so we decided to do half peanut butter and half bride/groom pretzels. The favors were set out at the table prior to guests finding their seats, so if they didn’t get the favor they wanted they had to do some bartering with the other guests at the table 🙂 


I made 4oz jars of creamy peanut butter. I loved how cute the little jars were. We topped them with a sticker that had our names, the tandem bike stamp, the date and said “Nuts About You”! 


Making edible favors allowed us to add another personal touch to the wedding, the guest seemed to all enjoy them and it was really fun for us! 

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