World Market Home Updates!


Walter and I moved into our townhouse just over a year ago. Moving from a 490 square foot apartment where we barely had room for our full-sized bed to a 2700 square foot townhouse, we obviously had a lot of things to buy to fill the space. Luckily for us, the previous owners were downsizing and moving out of state, so they left us a lot of furniture that helped with the transition. We remodeled the kitchen and bought essential furniture, like a bed, dresser, couches, etc… we did a lot in the first 6 weeks we lived in our new house. After that, we took a break through the fall/winter. Once Spring came around we were motivated again and decided to focus on finishing off the first floor.

Sidenote: Our kitchen was the first thing we tackled on the house. We had it redone before moving in. It is my favorite room in the house, so I just have to share this transformation picture! 


When we moved was also when I first discovered World Market. I quickly fell in love with it, but until recently I had only really shopped there for food, wine and gifts. Then one day back in March I walked in and they had this chair on display…


I knew I had to have it. My vision for the dinning room was to have 2 “statement chairs” at the heads of the table and 2 benches. I dragged Walter back to the store the following weekend, he agreed to the chairs and we also found these dark brown benches to complete my vision! The previous owners left us the table which we love, but I hated the chairs which made me not like the dining room, now I love it so much and want to entertain more than ever!

You know I love a good deal and that is why I love World Market so much! We got the chairs for less than $100 a piece due to a promotion + a coupon and the benches we also got on sale. Sales and promotions are their business model so I have made a rule with myself that (aside from food) I will not buy anything from World Market at full price – gotta wait for a sale or a coupon!  



The other room on the main floor that needed some love was the living room. The walls were pretty barren and it was lacking in furniture. We added a chaise lounge and a plant a few months ago, but it still seemed empty due to the large, empty space above the couch. Walter loves maps, everywhere we go he wants to buy maps… maps of the world, the USA, Maryland, Virgina, you name it! So when we saw this 6 piece world map at World Market we decided it would be a great addition to our living room. The colors really look nice with the decor of the room and I love the modernness of the 6-piece layout. And of course we got it on sale! 


Lastly we needed patio furniture. We figured we would buy furniture right off the bat when we moved in, but HOLY MOLY – why is outdoor furniture more expensive than indoor? I. Don’t. Get. It. So, we made it through all of last summer using a small table the previous owners had left us and a few chairs we bought at Walmart. I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to wrap my head around spending a lot of money on something that is left outside! When I saw this table at World Market I immediately feel in love with it! Our patio is not very wide so the skinniness of the table really appealed to me. And it is just so darn cute! If you haven’t noticed I am kind of obsessed with picnic/bench style tables, so if you come over sorry, I’m not sorry that you will most likely be sitting on a bench 🙂 


We got such an amazing deal on it too! It was on sale + a coupon + World Market Explorer Rewards…. if you don’t know what those are you should. For every $200 you spend at World Market they give you $10 and when you decide to furnish your house at World Market you accumulate a lot of reward bucks, which means you can buy lots of things you don’t need. Like this “Love the Journey” placard that is now hanging in the kitchen… too bad it wasn’t a tandem bike 😉 


As a new home owner you have so much furniture and decor to buy! It is most likely not going to be your forever home and definitely not your forever furniture so you have to find deals where ever you can. So far we have been impressed with the quality of the furniture and you can’t beat the price!   

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