Wedding Wednesday – The Ceremony


When we left off last week we had just boarded the trolley and my nerves were building. When we arrived at the church all the bridesmaids got off the trolley and joined the groomsmen who were lined up on the stairs outside. At that point my parents got on the trolley and we had a few minutes to wait until it was time! I think we were all a little nervous, but mostly excited and having them there with me helped me relax a little. 



When we were instructed, we exited the trolley and headed into the church. Once inside, everyone was lined up and the Mothers began the procession. I was trying to catch a glimpse of Walter and the procession from the back door windows while we waited.


I remember feeling shaky with a mix of nerves and excitement while I waiting for my turn. The music changed, my dad and I linked arms and the doors opened. I stopped feeling at that point, or at least I don’t remember specifically feeling anything but overwhelmed. About half way down the aisle I finally got a good look at my groom and he was crying. This was not surprising to me as I anticipated that he would and it oddly made me feel at ease. 




My Dad gave me away to Walter with a hug and a kiss and then the ceremony began. Father Moran, who has been my priest since I was young, did an amazing job. The wedding coordinator kept telling us “no one does a wedding like Father Moran” and she was right. People continue to tell us how beautiful the ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. We felt as though we were the only ones in the church whenever Father was speaking to us. He made us feel comfortable and kept the focus on the commitment we were about to make to each other. 



When it came time to exchange vows I no longer felt nervous. One of my least favorite things in the world to do is speak in front of people, but I did not feel like I was speaking in front of anyone but Walter. He, and our impending marriage was all that mattered in that moment. 



And then just like that we were married! 


The ceremony was joyous and had a pretty serious undertone, but there were moments of comic relief. On the alter before we exchanged our vows Walter leaned in and tried to kiss me, I pushed away from him and whispered “I don’t think we are allowed to do that yet”, many of our guest caught on to what had happened and got a good chuckle out of it. 


We, well I,  had some right hand vs left hand confusion during the ring exchange…


And then there was that moment when Father Moran referred to Walter’s groomsmen as “the 12 apostles” that had everyone laughing 🙂 


When Father Moran introduced us for the first time before we began our processional out, the love and energy we felt from our family and friends was palpable. We were starting on the most incredible journey of love and are so lucky to have so many people that love and support us! 




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  1. Desiree Anderson said:

    ???????????? what a beautiful post!! So interesting to hear you relive that day from your perspective and not just as a guest looking in! I totally noticed Walter trying to kiss you ????