How to Build an Epic Holiday Goat Cheese Board

This Holiday Goat Cheese Board will be the star of your holiday party. Pair 3 varieties of Montchevre® Flavored Goat Cheese Logs with meats, crackers, nuts, spreads and more!

Holiday Goat Cheese Board

This post has been sponsored by Montchevre® . All thoughts and opinions are my own.


It’s November 1st and you know what that means! The holiday season is about to buzz into full swing! Before you know it, your calendar will be filling up with all kinds of holiday parties. And what’s a holiday party without a proper cheeseboard?!

I’ve partnered with Montchevre® to show you how to build an epic cheeseboard using their Flavored Goat Cheese Logs. Their goat cheese is made from fresh quality milk and comes in 12 different flavors! With so many options, you’ll find flavors that meet your tastes and preferences. I chose the Montchevre® Natural, Montchevre® Garlic and Herb, and Montchevre® Honey varieties for this cheeseboard.

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Holiday Goat Cheese Board

Let’s start with the base:


Not having the “right” surface to build the cheeseboard on is not a good excuse for not making one. There are many household items that can serve as great surface for building your cheeseboard.

Cutting Boards – round, square, rectangular, any will work! If you only have small boards, use a few close together or do what I did and put the biggest board you have in the middle to hold the cheese, meats or anything else that may need to be cut and put everything else around it on the table.

Baking Sheets – Large baking sheets work really well! The rim around the edge helps hold everything in making it easily transportable if you are bringing it to a party.

Tiered Serving Trays – Serving trays with multiple levels are often used to display desserts, but they can work for cheeseboards as well! Especially if you are short on space, it takes up less room on the table and also looks pretty!

Holiday Goat Cheese Board

What to pair with goat cheese:


Montchevre® Goat Cheeses are creamy with a tangy flavor. The Natural flavor  pairs nicely with both sweet and savory flavors of which we have a variety on this board. The meats, nuts and olives are all salty items that pair well with the Garlic and Herb as well as the Natural goat cheese. The sweet additions like the grapes, honey and fig spread are great with the Honey flavor and again work with the Natural. The goat cheeses are easily spreadable which is why I’ve included plenty of different cracker varieties.


Holiday Goat Cheese Board

How to dress up your cheeseboard


This is a holiday cheeseboard, so make it festive! I picked some greenery from the trees behind our house and added a few pine cones and cinnamon sticks for decor. I also dressed it up with some edible decor like bunches of red grapes, a pomegranate opened up with seeds exposed and some cranberries.


Holiday Goat Cheese Board

Let your creative juices flow!


I’m providing you with lots of ideas and advice for making a goat cheese board, but it’s just a framework. You are the creative mastermind behind your board, so you do you! There is no right or wrong way to put it together, so trust yourself and have fun with it!


Holiday Goat Cheese Board

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Holiday Goat Cheese Board

  • Author: Sprinkles & Sea Salt


This Holiday Goat Cheese Board will be the star of your holiday party. Pair 3 varieties of Montchevre® Flavored Goat Cheese Logs with meats, crackers, nuts, spreads and more!



Montchevre® Flavored Goat Cheese Logs*


dry salami


dry chorizo


Wheat Crackers

Pita Crackers

Seeded Crackers

Small Bites

Mixed Nuts (roasted and salted)

Marinated Olives



Fig Spread

Edible Decor

Red Grape Bunches

Cranberries (fresh and candied)


Non-Edible Decor


Pine Cones

Cinnamon Sticks


Pick out your board or surface

No more than 1 hour before serving, place the goat cheese on the board. Choose spots on the board where they will be pretty evenly spread out

Roll the meats and place them on the board so there is a variety near each goat cheese log

Fill the board with the crackers, small bites and dips/spreads as you see fit

Add the edible and non-edible decor to make it festive


I used Natural, Garlic and Herb and Honey, but they have 12 different varieties

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How to Build a Holiday Goat Cheese Board

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