Thai Cooking At Home!

In this new series, Thai Cooking At Home, you will learn how to make your favorite takeout Thai dishes in your own kitchen! I’m teaching you about common ingredients in Thai cooking along with accessible substitutes to make Thai cooking at home fun and simple!   

Thai Cooking At Home

I’m so excited to be sharing this new series – Thai Cooking At Home – with you guys this month! My mission behind Sprinkles and Sea Salt is to share recipes that inspire you to step out of your comfort zone in the kitchen, discover new ingredients, and give you the confidence to try new things. My hope is that you will be inspired to try at least 1 of the Thai recipes I share over the next few weeks and that it will make you more confident in your abilities in the kitchen!

To make sure you are set up for success, I have created a free Thai Cooking At Home Cheat Sheet! It is a list of common Thai ingredients, how they are used, as well as suitable substitutes in case you are unable to find them. Click here to subscribe to my email list and get my Thai Cooking At Home Cheat Sheet sent straight to your inbox!

Thai Cooking At Home

About a year ago I was working on this Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Bowl recipe and I really wanted to use fresh lemongrass (as opposed to lemongrass paste I could find at a traditional grocery store). I googled and found that there was a large, international grocery store just a few miles from my house. I ventured there one day not fully knowing what to expect. The entrance led me to a very impressive display of fresh produce from all over the world! I was immediately captivated and spent way longer than I had anticipated walking around exploring all the new ingredients that were now so easily at my finger tips.

Mesmerized, a little overwhelmed and full of inspiration I knew this new-to-me discovery was going to open me up to so many new cooking opportunities. Since then, I have shopped at this international market regularly. Their produce, especially their herbs, are fresher and SO much cheaper than what I can find in a traditional grocery. I can count on them to have most any ingredient I’m searching for. Finding this international market has made cooking Thai food at home much easier, as it gives me easy access to all the ingredients I need. I share this story in hopes that it will make you feel more open to checking out an international or asian market near you! 

That being said, I know how lucky I am to live in a place where I have access to all kinds of grocery stores. If you live somewhere where you are unable to shop at an international or asian grocery, don’t fret! That’s why I made the Thai Cooking At Home – Cheat Sheet, it will guide you towards accessible substitutions you can find in most any grocery store. Don’t forget to snag it here!

Ever since Walter and I honeymooned in Thailand I have been captivated with learning how to make authentic Thai recipes. On the rare days when I am not testing or photographing a recipe for the blog, I choose to cook and experiment with Thai food. You could say it’s been my passion project for the past few years. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a variety of Thai inspired dishes, from appetizers to dinner to desserts! Get excited, it’s going to be a delicious month! 

Tune it tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my review of the best canned coconut milks for Thai cooking!


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Thai Cooking At Home


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