12 Pictures of Christmas

Hello! I hope you enjoyed a long, relaxing holiday weekend!


I wanted to share with you 12 Pictures from our Christmas:

On Christmas Eve, church was so crowded we sat up in the choir loft:


After church we had my mom’s side of the family over for dinner, she made this cake for dessert:


(red velvet with cookie dough filling, topped with doughnut hole snowmen!)

There was an intense game of Left, Right, Center and many quarters won (and lost):


Layla greeted our guests with bells on:

IMG_7046But ended her night like this:


(hosting is hard work!)

Christmas morning came, stockings first!


New wreaths for every season:


Layla wished Christmas could be every day:


But it sure is tiring…


We went to my Aunt Mary’s for dinner with my dad’s side of the family:


(family photo minus lots and lots of missing cousins)

My oldest brother and his fiancĂ© flew in for Christmas early on 12/26 so we reenacted Christmas morning – Christmas take 2!

They gave my brother, Pat, Chirps – chips made with crickets – 1 cricket per chip… their slogan “eat what bugs you”


(actually quite tasty and made in an attempt to find alternate food sources for the future)

Walter got a man crate – a very difficult to open wooden crate, with treats inside… their slogan “if at first you don’t succeed, pry, pry again”



Another wonderful Christmas in the books!

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