Life Lately Coffee Date

Hello! Just popping in for a little coffee date to catch up on some life with you!

1. Europe – Walter and I are going on a trip to Europe at the end of this month! We will be visiting Vienna, Prauge, Munich and Wengen, Lucerne and Zurich in Switzerland. I would love any and all recommendations if you have ever visited any of these places!

2. Leaky Roof – If you live on the East Coast, you may remember we had a bad wind storm here at the end of January. Turns out, unbeknownst to us that a piece of our roof blew off in the storm.ย  We started getting water spots on the ceiling in our entry way every time it rained and then it rained really hard and we go a big water spot… Luckily it was an easy fix, just one of the joys of homeownership. But if anyone is into painting tall ceilings I have one that needs painting, haha.

3. Anniversary Weekend – Walter and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last month! We rented this cute little airbnb right outside Charlottesville, VA and enjoyed a relaxing weekend with some hiking and lots of wine tasting ๐Ÿ™‚ Our favorite winery was a little, basically unmarked little greenhouse-like place called Gabrielle Rausse Winery. Gabrielle Rausse is known as the “father ofย  Virginia wine” because he has been involved in the start-up of many other wineries in the area. I believe his sons run the tasting room at the winery. It’s small, with great wine at low prices.

4. Dogs in Central Park – We also spent a weekend visiting friends in NYC. Did you guys know that dogs can be off leash in much of the park until 9am every morning?! We didn’t have any idea, but we brought Layla there for an early morning walk and all of the other dogs were off leash. Layla is really bad on leash and really good off leash so we were thrilled to learn she was able to run freely! We ran into 2 other Vizslas as well ๐Ÿ™‚

5. My family (Mom, Dad, Brothers Pat and John, Sister-in-Law Jessa and nephew Paxton) all came into town for a visit the last weekend in April! It was the first time they had all come to visit and stay with us and we had so much fun exploring and playing with baby Paxton ๐Ÿ™‚ I just love this photo of him with his Grandparents downtown.

That’s just a little update on what’s been going on around here. I’d love to know what is new with you!

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