Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

Stocking Stuffers for Foodies, a gift guide for what to put in a stocking for someone who loves to cook, bake or just plain loves food in general. 

Stocking Stuffers for Foodies

I’ve never shared a gift guide before, but I’ve found myself referencing a lot of other people’s guides this year and I thought it would be fun to share one of my own! Stockings are my favorite and I obviously love cooking, baking and food so a Stocking Stuffers for Foodies guide seemed to make a lot of sense! Here are 10 ideas for the foodies in your life!

10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Foodies


Garlic Press – Chances are if they like to cook they already have a garlic press, but this one is my favorite. It’s very sturdy (you can even use it to crush frozen garlic), there is little waste and it’s really easy to clean. AND it slides easily into any stocking.

Cookie Scoop – This is my favorite scoop for cookies, it scoop perfectly round, large cookies. Tie a bow around it and it makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

Spices – A good cook can never have too many spices. They usually come in small glass jars that are perfect for fitting in a stocking. Feeling adventurous? Pick something exotic, maybe you will inspire them to try cooking a new type of cuisine!

Pretty Measuring Spoons/Cups – The perfect size to fit in a stocking and there are some really cute ones out there like these or these.

Avocado Saver – Save the avocados! This avocado hugger will stuff right into a stocking and keep their avocados fresh all year long! 

Lemon/Lime Squeezer – I love that this squeezer is functional for both lemons and limes – 2 for 1!

Cute Food Ornaments – Maybe it’s just me, but food ornaments make me smile! There are some really cute ones out there like this ice cream cone, pretzel, avocado and donut 🙂

Countertop Smartphone Stand – These days lots of people are cooking from recipes on their smartphones rather than physical cookbooks. This stand is great for reading recipes and keeping your phone away from the mess.

Pocket Michelin Guide – I got the 2019 version as a gift last year and I reference it any time we want to go out to eat in the city. It not only includes Michelin starred restaurant reviews, but all of their 100 picks for the city. Any foodie would love it and it’s pocket-sized, perfect for fitting in a stocking. (I’m linking to the DC guide, but they have them for most major cities) 

Restaurant Gift Card – Why not slide in a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a restaurant you know they have been wanting to try! 


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10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Foodies



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