At Home Bodyweight Workout

A 40 minute at home bodyweight workout that requires no equipment! It’ll give you a great, total body workout you can do in the comfort of your own home.


Bodyweight Workout

Hello, little update on the snow day situation – school is cancelled ALL week. Not that this actually directly impacts my life at all, I just find it crazy! 

Today I’m sharing an at home workout I did on Monday in our basement. I almost always choose to run outside over work out inside at the gym (unless I am taking a group exercise class) or at home, but there are some days, like the days right after a blizzard, where that is just a little too un-safe for me! So, on Monday I opted for a basement workout. My arms were really sore from shoveling, so I decided to do a legs focused, bodyweight workout.  


Snowed-In Bodyweight Workout 

1 min. high knees 

1 min. burpees

1 min. squats 

1 min. mountain climbers

1 min. plank hold 

5 mins cardio 

Repeat 4-6 times 


My road bike is on a trainer in our basement, which allows me to use it as if it is a spin bike, I love it! So for the cardio part of this workout I chose to spin, but if you don’t have a spin bike or prefer a different cardio activity you can choose whatever you like (running on the treadmill, running in place, jump rope, running up and down the stairs, etc…) 

1 minute high knees – As you can see Layla was pretty excited about this workout too… step 1, if you have a very energetic dog, put them outside or in another room! For the high knees stand up straight and alternate lifting your knees straight up to waist level, quickly at a running pace.  

At Home Bodyweight Workout


1 minute burpees – I think burpees are one of the most difficult exercises, but they are really great because they get your whole body working! Bend your knees slightly to put your hands flat on the floor, jump your feet out so your body is fully extended and then quickly back in. From there jump your whole body straight up towards the ceiling extending your arms. Aim to get as many in as possible within the minute. 

At Home Bodyweight Workout

(I’m sorry this picture shows basically shows you nothing…)


1 minute squats – Your heart should be beating fast after the burpees! Squats provide a little cardio break, but you are working your thighs and glutes hard. Stand with your feet a little more than hip width apart, lower your butt down towards the floor, keeping your back straight (straighter than mine is in this picture 🙂 ). Stop when your butt reaches just about to your knees. 

At Home Bodyweight Workout


1 minute mountain climbers – Come down on your hands and your toes in a plank position. Alternative legs, jump your leg up towards your elbow. For this workout this should be done at a quick pace. 

At Home Bodyweight Workout


1 minute plank hold – Another cardio break before you jump into the cardio portion. Come up on your elbows and your toes and hold, keeping your back flat and your butt down in line with your back. You should feel your whole core engaged. 

At Home Bodyweight Workout


5 minutes cardio of choice! 

At Home Bodyweight Workout


I say repeat 4-6 times, but really you can do whatever you have time for! Even if you only have 20 minutes doing this circuit twice will get your heart pumping!

Another thing that I love about this at home bodyweight workout is that you don’t get bored because you are constantly changing up what you are doing. Sometimes I feel as though indoor workouts like this don’t give me as good of a workout as running outside or taking a group exercise class, but I definitely didn’t feel that way about this one! My legs felt sore the next day so I know I got a challenging workout in! 


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At Home Bodyweight Workout


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